Message From The Founder Manager

Quality education is the dire need of all times but quality should be understood in terms of meaningful adjustment in the society. We experiment with the most effective teaching practices. Students are trained to learn through interaction with various aspects of life. We maintain the most effective teaching approaches, techniques, ideologies, and ambiance. Innovations and their adaptation to specific circumstances are to be encouraged to a greater degree.

I need to speak that such a time is slouching towards us as we have not yet identified it and we don't know what other jobs will exist according to future needs. We can easily understand that time will change all modules and methods. Entire human race is undergoing a big change. As an institution, we all evolve beyond providing education and handing over certificates and degrees. Teachers ensure that students are harnessed with the skills needed for the future. Pedagogical innovations are in routine, thinking over national and global levels.

Today we are living in an era of rapid flux and baffling complexities. Students are taught the original aspect of humanity that transcends human soul irrespective of gender, race, color, caste, creed and religion.

Human race is one. For collective growth, oneness of mankind must be nurtured in individuals' mind. We educate our students in such a way as they realize oneness of mankind. A student's life will be adjudged according to his meaningful adjustment in the society which is the ultimate aim of education.

Being educated in real sense is being human in true sense. This is the essence of quality education.

At last, I would say that education does not mean piling of information and worldliness only, but to attain wisdom- a light, that does a lot for the sake of mankind. Here at Lucknow Public College of Professional Studies, strenuous efforts are done by skilled educators to ensure the totality of education."

Mr. S. P. Singh